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The Eastgate Martial Arts Club comes from a long and distinguished line of great martial artists.  First, Gichin Funakoshi brought Karate from Okinawa to Japan and established the Shotokan.  Then Grand Master Byung Jik Ro studied under Grand Master Funakoshi and founded the Song Moo Kwan in Korea shortly after the end of World War II.  Grand Master Il-Kwon Kim left Korea and after some years left Song Moo Kwan and founded the Ja Be Ryu.  The Eastgate Martial Arts Club was founded in 2002 by Master Donald MacFarland in association with the Ja Be Ryu, but Master MacFarland had philosophical differences with Grand Master Kim's waning commitment to tradition, and left his organization soon thereafter.  Several former Ja Be Ryu masters joined him: Grand Master Ray Witte, Master Jeff Schare and Master Ray Fay.  Shortly after joining the Eastgate Martial Arts Club, Master Kent Bole suggested affiliating with Grand Master Carl Stolberg of the Muskegon Tae Kwon Do Center, and maintained this affiliation until his untimely death in 2007.

Master Donald MacFarland is a 7th degree black belt and the owner and head instructor of the Eastgate Martial Arts Club

Eastgate Martial Arts Club is affiliated with the Kang Duk Won Taekwondo organization under Grand Master Carl Stolberg and Grand Master Hwa Chong.

Grand Master Hwa Chong is a past President of the USTU and he was the US Olympic Team Manager 1988
Grand Master Hwa Chong has traveled the world teaching Tae Kwon Do. 


Below is  the Grand Master lineage of the Kang Duk Won organization

Great Grand Master
Byung In Yoon
1920 - 1983
Great Grand Master
Chul Hee Park
1933 -
Grand Master
Hwa Chong
1939 -
Grand Master
Carl Stolberg
1941 - 2007

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Eastgate Martial Arts Club
471 Old State Route 74
Cincinnati, Ohio 45244