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Master MacFarland

Master MacFarland founded Eastgate Martial Arts Club in 2002.
The concept was to teach traditional Martial Arts in a way that focuses on 
self defense and the principle of constant improvement.
Martial Artists train to be prepared for whatever life gives them.  
The underlying principles of Discipline, Respect and Honor are always central to martial arts training.

To Whom Much is Given Much is Expected!  With this as a central concept for our teaching, Eastgate Martial Arts Club students are held to higher standards both on the gym floor and everywhere else in their lives.

Master MacFarland has created a training curriculum that teaches the individual the Martial Art.  The focus is to take what the student has and make them effective Martial Artists.  Students from 5 to 83 train to be the best that they can be.   


He has developed programs for the Martial Arts and the philosophies behind these programs.



Martial Arts Conditioning (MAC)

Relative Position, Attack, Target, Escalation
Martial Arts System

This strategy centers on the position in which your opponent is engaged and the distance that you are from your opponent.
Using this strategy will allow one to maintain a superior strategic position and enable one to deploy the appropriate attack to the best target.

Martial Arts Conditioning is a program that teaches basic martial art techniques and uses them in a workout format to allow participants to get a workout while they develop basic techniques that could serve them well in a self-defense situation.




RATE Self-Protection


This is very different from typical self-defense courses in that it focuses on the mental as well as the physical aspects of Self-Protection

Mental Aspect
Recognize, Accept, Take Control
(of yourself), Evaluate

Physical Aspect
Relative Position, Act, Take Control (of the situation), Escalate



Expectationless is one of the philosophies that is taught at Eastgate Martial Arts Club.  As soon as you expect something to happen, life will give you a challenge that you did not anticipate - therefore one must exist in the now.

The past is gone we can not dwell on it - 
we MUST LEARN from it.

The future is yet to be determined and while we can not predict it - 


Exceptional Martial Arts Curriculum

This program was designed to teach people with special needs the Martial Arts.

The underlying concept of the Martial Arts is about taking what  you have and making something exceptional out of it.

Master MacFarland designed this special curriculum and has been teaching it to students with special needs since 2005.

For more information about Master MacFarland 

(513) 688-1501

Eastgate Martial Arts Club
471 Old State Route 74
Cincinnati, Ohio 45244