Grandmaster Ray Witte

On May 19, 2007 Grand Master Hwa Chong promoted Master Ray Witte to 8th dan black belt, the rank of Grand Master.

Grand Master Witte has trained for over 40 years and I have had the pleasure of training with him my entire time in the Martial Arts. I have watched Grand Master Witte over the years mentor and develop many martial artists.

During the late 80's through the 90’s Grand Master Witte was the primary person at I.K.Kim Tae Kwon Do to handle all promotions and tournaments.

There are many students who consider Grand Master Witte to be their primary instructor or at least senior instructor. Most of these martial artists have started from white belt and have been guided along their martial arts path by Grand Master Witte. I have listed a few of the senior most students that make up this group of Martial Artists.

Master Schare – 7th dan
Master MacFarland – 7th dan
Master Fay – 6th dan
Master Proctor – 5th dan
Master Fender – 5th dan
Master Nyswonger – 5th dan
Ms. Nyswonger – 4th dan
Mr. Phillips – 4th dan

Grand Master Witte brings practical experience to his teaching of the Martial Arts. He is currently a retired Cincinnati Police Officer and during his active years, Master Witte was the Physical Fitness/Defensive Tactics Instructor. With this responsibility as well as his years walking a beat in some of the roughest areas of Cincinnati, he has an understanding of practical application that is unsurpassed.

On a personal note from Master MacFarland:
The inspiration to start Eastgate Martial Arts Club came from my years of training with Grand Master Witte. Many times I, as well as many of his other students, would try to repay him for all he has done for us. However, Grand Master Witte would never accept gifts of money and always told us that if we really wanted to pay him back, we would teach others. I have hopefully been able to repay Grand Master Witte as much as possible. However, I feel that it is much like trying to repay your parents for the years of personal sacrifice that they have undergone for you. It is truly a debt that can never be repaid. At Eastgate Martial Arts Club we give Grand Master Witte the high level of respect that he deserves, as we call him Grand Master!