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Self-Protection is about common sense, which we tend to put aside in our busy “get it done” lifestyles. It is about taking the time to realize that we live in a dangerous world and that we need to respect this fact. The goal is not to leave everyone afraid of their own shadow but to make people realize that there are dangers all around us; at any moment YOU could be the next victim of a violent crime.

The first part of any Self-Defense or Self-Protection course is SELF. In any confrontation the best thing that can ever be done is to avoid the confrontation In our lives we spend a great deal of time avoiding confrontations with family, friends and co-workers, but we spend very little if any time trying to avoid some of the real dangers that surround us every day.

Self-Protection is a way to heighten awareness of the world around you and a new way of looking at situations that increase your likelihood to avoid a violent confrontation.

Mental Aspect



Take Control (of yourself)


Physical Aspect

Relative Position


Take Control (of situation)


Designed by Master Donald MacFarland

Special sessions can be scheduled at the gym as well as at your location

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